The Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority is seeking an Operations Manager. This is a full-time, professional position that is responsible for processing and maintaining financial/payroll/personnel records, materials for meetings of the DLCDA Board of Directors/preparing minutes and overseeing the management and maintenance of facilities. Work is performed under the direction of the DLCDA President.       

The preferred candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or a closely related field and three (3) years of related experience that includes budgeting, financial reporting and a strong working knowledge of Quickbooks, OR  an equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. The preferred candidate must be an organized self-starter and be able to work independently on tasks.

Salary is based on qualifications and experience. 


Interested applicants should submit a Cover Letter and Resume to the attention of Ryan Waldrep, President at  no later than Monday, July 15, 2024 at

5:00 PM.  The position will remain open until filled. 



Job Description

Operations Manager

Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority 


The official title will be "Operations Manager" and the position will work under the direction of the President.      


The primary focus of the job will include duties essential to managing the day-to-day operations of the Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority (DLCDA), including, but not limited to the following functional areas: Financial Management, Board Operations, Personnel and Maintenance and Management of Facilities.



Financial Management:

  1. Prepare annual budget and facilitate budget implementation upon the President and ultimate Board approval; work with President to monitor operational spending to meet budget requirements.
  2. Process and maintain all aspects of financials, and payroll in accordance with federal, state and local regulations; tax reconciliation and reporting; and work with external CPA firm to provide monthly reporting for Board meetings; ensure that the accounting/payroll systems follow generally accepted accounting principles and that financials are reconciled monthly.
  3. Facilitate annual audit review with external CPA firm; reconcile and prepare tax reports and ensure that requested information is provided in an expeditious and in a professional manner.
  4. Ensure that all accounts payable are paid in a timely manner and executed in accordance with the required signatures.
  5. Develop and maintain a clear working knowledge of DLCDA assets, funding sources, current balance sheets, debt and obligations.  Track loan balances, maturity dates for loans and investments. 
  6. Manage required signatory documents and other bank requirements relative to certificates of deposit, loans, disbursement instruments, and other financial instruments.
  7. Prepare and maintain invoices, and accounts receivable transactions related to DLCDA functions; ensure that all deposits are expeditiously processed with the banking institution.
  8. Maintenance of all operating agreements, documents, contracts, loans and of other deliverables.
  9. Work with President and Board of Directors to identify additional sources of funding outside of governmental revenue.
  10. Assist in preparing grant applications and administering all local, state and federal grant and loan awards as may be applicable or outsourcing such professional services.


Board Operations:

  1. Keep President informed of all administrative activities and projects; work as a team player with other members of staff and within the parameters of the personnel policy as approved by the DLCDA Board of Directors. Any information obtained by working in close proximity shall remain privileged and confidential.
  2. Coordination of meetings and of other activities of the Board of Directors
  3. Prepare and publish meeting notification requirements in accordance with the Georgia Open Meetings Act. record and prepare accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors; maintain digital and hard copies for public review and consumption.
  4. Maintain all records in accordance with the DLCDA Record Retention Policy and Schedule.
  5. As needed, assist President with the scheduling of existing industry visits and provide scheduling support for prospective industry visits.
  6. Attend all staff and Board meetings along with any DLCDA functions where requested to attend.




  1. Maintain accurate records of employees’ personnel records to include holidays, vacation, sick and other benefits in accordance with DLCDA policy.
  2. Assist in the management and revisions of DLCDA Policies and Procedures, as required.



Management and Maintenance of Facilities:

  1. Ensure that the office is professionally staffed and that phone calls, clients and visitors are received during normal office hours Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  2. Monitor current facility structures, landscaping, building repairs, etc. Monitor and coordinate the IT services of the DLCDA office.
  3. Follow all local and state procurement standards when securing any required services, supplies and contracts.



The Operations Manager will, at all times, work ambitiously on long-term planning and growth while being self-motivated and on task.


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