Competitive Advantages

It’s no secret why a number of international and domestic companies now call this area home.  Dublin-Laurens County is known throughout Georgia as one of the most pro-business communities in the state.  This level of support has led to a resurgence of manufacturing and logistics jobs in the area.  The community has more than its share of advantages.

The region has one of the nation’s lowest costs of living which translates into lower costs for companies.  Laurens County has the third lowest property tax rate out of 159 counties in Georgia, and the community provides 100% exemption on Freeport which includes a company’s inventory and work in process materials.  These cost advantages allow companies leaving California, the Northeast and other high cost areas to see more bottom line efficiencies. But that is only the beginning.

Millions of dollars are being invested in the region’s utility infrastructure to meet future demands of the area’s businesses, industries and residents while maintaining very competitive rates.  The City of Dublin has over 1.5 million gallons per day of excess permitted water and wastewater capacity with significant pressure.  This is a major advantage for large manufacturers looking for water and sewer at low costs.  The City also has one of the most reliable natural gas networks in the country and significant excess gas capacity.  Customers in Georgia with over a 900 kilowatts per hour connected load can require electric companies to bid for their service.  Georgia Power, five Electric Membership Corporations, and the City of Dublin, provides electricity and natural gas throughout the region and are in the midst of developments designed to significantly increase the power generation capacity over the next decade.  Companies in Middle Georgia typically enjoy electric rates priced at 15%-20% below the U.S. national average.

Laurens County is a Tier One county as selected by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Tier One communities receive the full state statutory incentives which include a per job state income tax credit equivalent to $4,000 per job over five years.  Companies creating jobs here can use the $4,000 per job against 100% of their State of Georgia corporate income tax liability.  Any remaining credits, up to $3,500 per job, can be applied to the company’s withholding tax liability which is sent as a cash reimbursement to the company.



Being located halfway between Atlanta and Savannah with direct access to major highways and interstates, two international airports, and the fastest-growing port in North America, the benefits of a Dublin-Laurens located business or industry are plentiful. This strategic location provides the ability to transport goods and materials to 80% of the consumer market in the Unites States in less than a 2-hour plane ride, or a 48-hour truck drive.

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The Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority is comprised of a small staff and a volunteer board that represent the professional and personal integrity of the community.

Dublin-Laurens County’s small town values are well represented by outstanding government officials. Our elected officials are readily available, personable, and dedicated to the improvement of our community. Since Dublin and Laurens County are not consolidated, Dublin is governed by a mayor and 7-person city council, and Laurens County is governed by a 5-person county commission board. Community-level officials are not all that represent Dublin-Laurens County.  Matt Hatchett, a small business owner in our community, represents the interests of Dublin-Laurens County as a state representative in the Georgia House of Representatives. In addition to Hatchett, State Senator Larry Walker, III represents the interests of Dublin-Laurens County in the other chamber of the Georgia General Assembly.



The low cost/high quality of life in Dublin-Laurens County cannot be beat! The tranquility and comfort of a small-town lifestyle, good schools, and major healthcare providers is paired with the availability of large industrial job opportunities.

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