Workforce and Training



Map of 60 mi. Labor Draw

Dublin-Laurens County is the regional employment hub for 15 counties representing a total workforce of 301,204 people. Within that labor shed, there are over 1,000 manufacturers benefiting from a deep pipeline of talent.  There are 54,015 people enrolled in higher education in the area with over 13,000 annual graduates in a significant amount of areas including, but not limited to: welding, automotive mechanics, industrial mechanics & maintenance, electronics, truck and commercial vehicle operations, forklift and material handling, engineering (all disciplines), machine tooling, tool & die and business administration.  Georgia is an employment at will state with one of the lowest unionization rates in the U.S.  Employers here will also benefit from an outstanding work ethic and low turnover rate.

Unionization Rates

Manufacturing (2014)

map showing manufacturing rates in southern US states


Turnover Rates

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (2014)

map showing turnover rates in southern US states


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