Major Employers

Over 70 diverse firms have found a happy home in Laurens County, ranging from agribusiness to aerospace. They serve as our goodwill ambassadors, and they are true benefactors of the endless competitive advantages that Dublin-Laurens County has to offer.

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Top Employers

Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

Veterans Hospital

Fairview Park Hospital

General Acute Care Hospital


Extruded Architectural Aluminum Products


Recycled Brown Paper

Farmers Home Furniture

Furnishings, Appliances, and Electronics

Parker Aerospace, CSD

Aircraft Flight Control Systems

Best Buy, Inc.

Distribution of Electronics

Erdrich USA, Inc.

Automotive Brake Pistons, Punched and Stamped Auto Parts

SteelFab of Dublin

Steel Fabrication

Dar Pro Solutions


Dinex Emission, Inc.

Emission Control and Exhaust Systems; Mufflers

Sunshine Mills, Inc.

Dog Food Production


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