Smisson-Mathis Energy to create 25 jobs in Laurens County, GA

July 31, 2019

Smisson-Mathis Energy to create 25 jobs in Laurens County, GA

Dublin, GA – The Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority (DLCDA), announced today that SME-Dublin, LLC, a biofuels production facility located in East Dublin, GA, closed on the financing necessary to complete construction. The Company is investing approximately $10 million on its Phase I plans and will create 25 new jobs.

“We are excited about the progress SME-Dublin has made and are looking forward to their future growth in our community”, said Guy Cochran, Chairman of the Board of the DLCDA.

Franklin Mathis, a lifelong resident of Dudley, and Dr. Hugh Smisson, a neurosurgeon with medical offices in Dublin and Macon, are the co-founders of SME-Dublin’s parent company, Smisson-Mathis Energy, LLC. Mr. Mathis is also a Principal in Tactical Fabrication, LLC, the company responsible for the construction of the SME-Dublin facility. SME-Dublin will begin hiring within the next 60 days and commence operations in the Fall.

SME-Dublin will utilize a new technology that processes waste oils and greases—such as brown grease from restaurant grease traps and fat, oil and grease from municipal waste water treatment facilities—into biodiesel that meets all of the required ASTM specifications. According to Mr. Mathis: “Until now, no one has been able to strictly use these waste oils to produce biodiesel. There is always too much Sulphur in the finished product. By incorporating our technology, this plant will be the first in the world that can remove the Sulphur when using these types of feedstocks.”

“This biodiesel plant is the first step of multiple construction phases we have planned in Laurens County,” stated Ken Brown, Smisson-Mathis Energy’s Chief Executive Officer.

About SME-Dublin

SME-Dublin is the first project of Smisson-Mathis Energy, LLC which is headquartered in Macon, GA. Smisson-Mathis Energy has a proprietary technology that can produce ASTM biodiesel from feedstocks known as “brown grease” and FOG (fats, oils and greases). Brown grease is a waste stream removed from restaurant grease traps. FOG is the fats, oils and greases separated from the waste streams at waste water treatment facilities. Currently, both are typically disposed of in either landfills or through a land application process.

About Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority

The Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority is responsible for attracting new industry and encouraging the expansion of existing industry throughout Laurens County. Between Laurens County's location in the Business Heart of Georgia, passionate people, and a refreshing lifestyle, the "Three L's" (location, leadership, and livability) create the ideal environment for growing companies.


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